We are sorry to announce that our Making Waves Festival is cancelled for 2020 due to Covid 19. Look for us next year for some great events!

Our Mission

Surf Cambridge is a group of paddlers and surfers with a vision to construct a year-round, publicly accessible surf wave on the Grand River, approximately 30 meters below the Parkhill Bridge in Cambridge Ontario.

To help make this vision a reality we’ve partnered with several companies and community organizations including:

  • Surf Anywhere which has built river waves around the world including Oregon, Alberta and the Czech Republic. Surf Anywhere works with local communities to help build river waves.
  • The Complete Paddler which is a large independent paddle shop providing us with financial, marketing and safety support.
  • Whitewater Ontario which has provided us with the much needed support of the local whitewater community.

Our first goal is to raise $150,000.00 to demonstrate to the City of Cambridge that we have enough community interest in the project. The remaining cost of the wave will be covered by the city of Cambridge if we can complete our goal.  A donation of $5 or more will put you on our membership list. All donations and membership fees go towards funding the surf wave.  Being a Surf Cambridge member allows us to apply for government and community grants.  Your membership is proof that the paddling community and public are interested in building a surf wave on the Grand River in Cambridge. Your membership will also give you regular email updates of our progress and a free Surf Cambridge Sticker when you show up to your first event with us! Members will also receive a 10% discount coupon code for any of our upcoming events, lessons or swag! Sign up here.

Surf Cambridge has a designated not-for-profit status and we are committed to getting this wave built!

Concept Drawing Surf Cambridge

Why should we build a surf wave?

Over the past 30 years, well designed and built river wave projects have been repeatedly proven to do the following:

  • provide a great cultural resource for the community and a natural gathering place,
  • provide substantial positive economic benefits,
  • have no impact on flood risk,
  • have positive environmental impact on fish and animal habitats,
  • provides a low impact, low cost barrier and low risk athletic resource for people of all ages,
  • the adjustable wave heights make them usable by a wide variety of users including kayakers, surfers, SUPers, bodyboarders, body surfers and more,
  • provides a great way to educate people on river safety and river ecosystems,
  • make the wave users and spectators happier and spread that happiness into other parts of their lives,
  • have little to no ongoing operating and maintenance costs,
  • makes users and spectators much more aware of and connected to the river ecosystem and the importance of keeping rivers healthy.
Thumbs up from a kayaker.

Good river waves are an excellent and long lasting resource for communities!

Father and Son out kayaking.

Who would benefit from a surf wave?

Not only would surfers and paddlers in canoes and kayaks benefit from a surf wave, the community would prosper from increased tourism and a more vibrant downtown!

  • Waves are a long lasting resource for the community providing a vibrant and happy place for all ages.
  • The areas around waves become natural and positive cultural gathering spaces.
  • The number of people visiting Cambridge from throughout Southwestern Ontario will increase and in turn benefit both businesses large and small (food and drinks, lodging, entertainment etc.)
  • Good waves create millions of dollars in new economic activity.
  • Potential for new businesses (outfitters, lessons, clubs).
  • The paddling community encourages a clean, vibrant waterfront.
  • A fun way to unify the community and build a strong downtown core.
  • Free entertainment watching the surfers from the river bank.

Learn more about the economic incentives of building river waves.