Attention all Paddlers, Surfers, Cambridge Residents and Businesses!
Surf Cambridge needs your help!

As Surf Cambridge continues to grow and raise money to fund the surf wave, we need a list of members who support our cause. Knowing who our supporters are and where they live is key to obtaining grants from the Municipality and Ontario Governments.

Please become a Surf Cambridge member today by paying a one time fee of $5 and filling out our registration form at our membership page . Your membership will include regular email updates of our progress, a free Surf Cambridge sticker when you attend your first event, and a 10% discount on events, lessons or swag!

We will continue selling t shirts, hats, stickers, hosting events and paddling courses and of course accepting any donations! For more information or email us at [email protected]

Thank you for helping us make waves!
Surf Cambridge Directors Kevin, Andrea, Allan, Kelly and Nicole